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Technobeef is representative and distributor for the Japanese MIJ Labo Co in South America. MIJ Labo, directed by Professor Keigo Kushida and his team at Obihiro University, is leader in cutting-edge technology to assess marbling and other beef quality traits in the meatpacking industry.

Technobeef is a young enterprise, directed by its founder DVM Gessy Druillet, who works together with a team of professionals with extensive experience in the agro-industrial sector.

Gessy has a vast experience in the area of beef quality. For more than 18 years she has been evaluating carcass traits in live animals in commercial and pedigree herds by ultrasound scanning, getting to know the needs of breeders and the processing industry.

Values and objectives

Our goal is to be an agent of change in the beef processing industry, a change that we aspire to see reflected in the entire beef cattle industry. We aim to be leader in Uruguay and the rest of South America, offering the best technology available to assess marbling and other beef quality traits.

The Marbling Camera

1. The marbling camera: hardware

A light-weight portable cordless camera that can easily be adapted to anyslaughter line.

2. MIJ Livestock Database Analysis

Images are uploaded to a cloud-computing environment to be analysed.


3. MIJ Carcass Image Database

The results can be accessed on this platform

  • Login with a password
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Automated analysis in seconds
  • Consistent results
  • The images remain stored in the database.
  • Items reported are: marbling score equivalent to AUSMEAT, intramuscular fat percentage and fineness, ribeye area (cm²), muscle and fat color.

How does it work?

The MIJ mobile device takes a picture of the carcass barcode before capturing the ribeye area. Through a wifi connection the image is uploaded to the MIJ Livestock Database Analysis, to be analysed automatically and in a matter of seconds. By logging into the MIJ Carcass Image Database, the carcass images and the results of the analyses can be visualised.

Why should you incorporate the marbling camera in your production process?


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